Employee Assessments

The variety of our tests can address all levels of hire and development. We measure not only mental aptitudes but more importantly core behavior. These tests introduce total objectivity into your selection process. You have a clear picture of the applicant’s true strengths and weaknesses. It will establish not only fit to the job, but to the culture of company. Asset Profiles can also provide avenues of development to get your hires productive in the shortest period of time. Learn More

Background Verification

Negligent hire suits are just one of the many pitfalls of not getting accurate information regarding the candidates’ history. Resumes and cover letters tend to be more fiction that fact. Criminal History, Education Confirmation, Previous Employer Confirmation, Driving Records, and many other details are essential to making a sound, informed decision. We can establish the truth of applicants’ claims for the protection of your organization. Learn More

Pre-employment Drug Screens

The use of drugs costs American businesses billions of dollars a year in absenteeism, loss of productivity, medical expenses, and work place crime. Regrettably, this abuse is not isolated to a “type” of employee or business. It applies to all levels of employment and in every type of organization. Proper pre-employment screening should be a part of company policy. This safeguard addresses from Public and Employee Safety to Fitness for duty. Learn More

Applicant Management System

Companies of all sizes are realizing the need to have a consistent and efficient method of handling job applications and resumes. With our applicant management software you can screen and pre-qualify job seekers, select an appropriate assessment for the individual position. , initiate background searches and much more directly from your desktop. Further, the reporting needed to be compliant with state, federal and local demands can be processed in an effective and easily accessible manner. Learn More

  • “We have used Asset Profiles for many years and plan to continue when interviewing at Mid-America Tile. They have earned our trust over the years. We know before hire the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the applicant so we can target those areas for quickest movement from trainee to profit center.”
    – Thomas J. Kotel, President, Mid-America Tile
  • “These are really good assessments. They help not only with my hiring success, but also any management approach to the individual.”
    – George W. Bristow, Owner, Batteries Plus
  • “We found Asset Profiles to be a HUGE benefit in selecting new hires. The staff helped me interpret the Achiever, teaching me to find the best candidates within the results. We’ve made good hires that have great potential with our company. It’s a very easy process, and Asset Profiles makes it easy to contact them whenever we need assistance.”
    – Mark P. Wilson, Manager of Human Resources, Amsted RPS
  • “Thanks for the great job you have been doing for Griffin Wheel. We have found the data Asset Profiles provides on our candidates, both external and internal, to be right on the mark.”
    – Mike St. Clair, Operations Manager, Griffin Wheel
  • “Our managers place great importance on the Achiever results. They always ask for it and add it to the history and interview processes of their decision making. Asset Profiles’ response is always very timely, and their comments are helpful.”
    – Robert Gould, Human Resources, Amsted Rail
  • “We have used Asset Profiles for many years and plan to continue when interviewing at Mid-America Tile. They have earned our trust over the years. We know before hire the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the applicant so we can target those areas for quickest movement from trainee to profit center.”
    – Thomas J. Kotel, President, Mid-America Tile
  • “The insights we get into a candidate from Asset Profiles’ evaluations have been invaluable. It tells us what they are really all about. This has been particularly true in our development from within.Companies can no longer promote just from longevity. We want to grow from within, but we know not all workers automatically translate into good supervisors and managers. In this sensitive area, the assessment provides actual measurements and offers suggestions for more effective training, mentoring, and coaching.”

    – Craig Laursen, Director of Human Resources, Griffin Wheel
  • “Before utilizing Asset Profiles as a part of our pre-employment screening process, it was difficult to have a benchmark of excellence upon which to base our decision making. Though we do not rely 100% on the results of the assessment, it has become a valuable tool in our decision-making process.We are able to make decisions with more certainty that the candidates will not only “talk the talk” but have the mental acuity and emotional stability to “walk the walk” as well.

    Asset Profiles is professional, timely, and precise in their communication. We have never had any issues.”

    – Theresa Ruedisueli, Corporate Recruiter & Unemployment Management, Arcadia HealthCare
  • “Asset Profiles helps me with assessing potential Brenco hires when filling different job openings. Incorporating these evaluations has saved our company time and money. The personalized communications we receive are very helpful and pleasant to work with.”
    – Donna M. Jocobi, Director of Quality Advancement, Brenco
  • “The Achiever allows us to see the whole picture of the candidate. When we know what areas need to be addressed, we can work on them from the beginning. The developmental suggestions allow us to coach and mentor much more effectively. This results in productive work in a shorter period of time.”
    – Bob Leete, DMS
  • “We wanted to get more from our candidates than what we were seeing in the interview and on the application. We felt we were making some bad hires. Asset Profiles pointed out some areas to further discuss with the candidate and they often times were able to raise red flags.We love the quick turn-around time and in depth analysis we receive. Our experience has been very positive.”

    – Sara Watson, Director of Human Resources, McLaughlin Body
  • “We have been transitioning from campus security to a university police department. A critical component of the transition involved personnel. The initial selection of the right people to staff the new police department was vital to our success.That’s where Asset Profiles came in. The analysis provided has been validated with observations from personal interviews, results from background investigations, and feedback from formal psychological evaluations. Their personalized communication with us, explaining results, answering questions, and providing analysis adds great value to the results reported. In addition, the University is now using the Achiever for a variety of positions outside of the police department.

    We are very pleased with our selection process, and the role that Asset Profiles plays. Our new personnel are generating compliments for their motivation, commitment, and dependability.”

    – James Montanari, Chief of Police, Lewis University Police Department
  • “I am writing this to acknowledge the strong partnership between Asset Profiles and Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc. (LEYE) over the last ten years. The Achiever Assessment has been a consistent and valuable part of our interviewing process.From the employer’s side, the test helps us to better understand an individual’s strengths and areas of opportunities and development. I especially appreciate the “open door” attitude Asset Profiles exhibits to discuss a candidate’s results, especially when a more detailed analysis is needed.”

    – Christine Hill-Harker, Director of Recruiting,Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc.
  • “Since using the Achiever, we have seen our turnover of hew hires reduced from about 30 percent down to approximately four percent.Given these results, we are now using the Achiever for all positions throughout the organization, and are seeing some very positive trends across the entire company.

    Using the Achiever has not only saved us considerable recruitment dollars, but also affords us invaluable insight into the mental and emotional make-up of prospective employees.”

    – Craig L. Bissell, J.D., Divisional Director, Human Resources, Time Warner Cable
  • “Your profiles have been dead on. I’ve found my mistake of not trusting the results and authorizing hiring anyway. Later, to my regret, I found the errors in my decisions. Thanks for making my job that much easier.”
    – Joe Fernandez, Warehouse Manager, Kuriyama of America
  • “Over the past three years, we have reduced our annual technician turnover from 70% to under 50%. With a technician force of over 900 people and our training cost of $6,000 per technician the annual savings impact is $1,080,000. The true savings are probably more.The results predict a potential hire’s mental aptitude and personality as measured against those qualities of our more successful technicians. I firmly believe you provide a service that has bang for the buck.”

    – Anthony D. Shaddix, Senior Manager, National Technical Operations, Brinks Home Security